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3D Dessert Candles

Eye catching 3D desserts...minus the guilt.

The Presentation of candles are amazing, the smells are amazing, and the customer service is great

Ameriah Newton

It's an experience every time you shop

Mareshah Cintron

These candles are excellent gifts! You don't even need to light them to smell how delicious they are! No corners were cut making these gems. #Imafan

Candace Thomas

Our Candle Journey

From our very humble beginning, to where we are now and contiune to expand as a brand, we've put in overtime to perfect a craft that is forever changing. Take a deeper look into the Queen's Touch Co. brand and get to know more about our CEO, Arelene Bembry, and our Company.

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Winter Wonderland Mini Candles

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Sweet Melts

Gingerbread Men Wax Melts

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Holiday Cheers.

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