Meet your 'Baker' -Meet the Owner of QTCo.

I used to work a utility contractor job, and every December (almost seemed like the same day of the month every year) we'd get laid off due to lack of work. That, for us, was actually a good thing in a sense. We had completed all work orders by our deadline (dealing with gas, everything had a certain time of year or X number of months it needed to be checked). In December 2017 I picked up candles. No, I wasn't making dessert candles as of yet, but I had started off decorating pillar candles. The ideas and styles were endless! Styles ranged from candles with loved one's photos to "designer" mirror box candles. It was a fun diy idea I picked up from YouTube and kept me quite busy throughout the month of December. I later decided to venture into making my own candles. I honestly had no idea of what I was doing to start off, but you know, good Ol' YouTube came to the rescue. I first started with simple melt and pour candles. I loved how they turned out, and the deeper I got into candle making the more there was to know! After much research, testing multiple styles of wax, when it came to finding new candles to create the possibilities for me were ENDLESS! Naturally I am a creative so making things/being crafty came naturally to me. Shortly after I ventured into making dessert candles. My first two styles ever made was Strawberry Daiquiri and Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle. They have always been (and still are!) a customer favorite! Shortly after I started to explore more styles. Not long after came out Cinnamon Buns, Sugar Cookies, and Blueberry Cheesecake candles. I soon realized I didn't only love making dessert candles because it's fun, but it is a creative outlet that helps me express my love for making candles. Not only do I get to enjoy the process of making them, but I'm also overflowed with joy to see that my customers love them too. It's a great way I have been able to 'show-off' my creative skills when it comes to making something special and unique. 

Fast forward to August 2018, the birth of Queen's Touch Co. had been born. From a yearly hobby, into what it is today. I had created this brand to represent not only who I am, but also give room for my creativity to 'run wild'. I love what QTCo. has developed into and truly appreciate all of the ongoing support in a forever growing company.!

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